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As a trainer, how do you ensure you deliver a challenging goalie training every time? You can devise drills and exercises yourself, but it makes more sense to choose for the online training from Drijver Goalie Academy.

10 online training sessions, each containing 3 exercises, varied and with a clear structure for the whole high school preseason. Working with the online training of Drijver Goalie Academy, you are not only investing in your goalies, but also your own knowledge of goalkeeping and delivering training. It's a win-win situation!

What does the pre season package consist of?

  • 10 training sessions for high school goalies 
  • 3 varied exercises per training session
  • All exercises/drills follow our Drijver Goalie System

What does a training session look like?

Each training session consists of 3 exercises, suitable for 1 or 2 goalies.

The course is specially written to give the training without additional training material. All you need are 30 hockey balls and a goalie 🙂

An exercise consists of:

  • a diagram of the drill: a position overview of the coach and the goalie.
  • a written explanation of the entire exercise with additional pointers.
  • a clear video with the exercise.

The written explanation of the exercise

Exercise 1 - Clearing low balls 

1. G1 starts in the center of the goal. Taps the left post with the left hand and moves back to the center of the goal. 

2. TR rolls a ball on the right corner and G1 clears the ball to the side. 

3. TR rolls a ball in the left corner and G1 clears the ball to the side. 

4. G1 starts in the center of the goal, but now G1 taps the right post and receives 2 balls.

Repeat the exercise 8 times, then have a break.


1. Small steps while moving sidewards.

2. Focus-eyes on the ball while clearing.

3. Stay in balance while moving and clearing.

And the video

Does this taste like more?

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